That’s right, the Wii 2 is officially called the Wii U, after Nintendo unveiling Nintendos upcoming new console, some might say the shock was about to be shown, Nintendo announced their new Console with what at first glimpse looked like a handheld portable Wii. However as it was constantly called a “A Controller with a 6.2 inch screen” Nintendo throughout their press conference at E3 Said very little on the New Wii U Console it’s self, Whether if the controller with the screen comes together with the Wii Console or separately is not clearly known, it is clear to see that the Wii Controller has taken on the gimmick of being called the Wii U, from the trailers, it is seen as the solution of when the TV is no longer available to you, that with the controller, you can continue you’re gaming without a TV Screen, seeming of course that you need the console to be able to carry on playing the games to it or from it.  The Pictures we have here of the Wii Controller with the screen and the New Console From the Official Wii Facebook Page show that the Console has the same similarity style of the old Wii, but as seen in notable trailers, this one seems to be laying on its front like the PS3 and Xbox 360 does, unlike the Wii Which was mainly a stand up console.  From the coverage at E3 and the word spoken around the Nintendo U is supposedly to be more powerful, whether that mean’s it can output more graphical Visuals than the PS3 and 360 is not 100%  Known, IBM will be providing the usual hardware chip as they did in the Wii. However some fans have stressed concern for Nintendo, stating that “History is repeating it’s self particularly for Nintendo, From what i knew and saw Nintendo didn’t do so well for the Game cube, and it feels they are not really pushing forward but rolling back, this reminds me of the Dreamcast, it was a great console, boasted better quality of games and higher visual power, but unfortunately sank in the ocean over a small period of time, causing the bankrupcy of Sega”

While many would agree, most would say to wait on and see what else is to be unraveled on the upcoming console, from one of the trailers which shows a person sketching Zelda on the Controller Screen show’s a LCD/Plasma TV showing a highly graphical video game footage of Zelda fighting some form of Enemy Monster in the game. However this doesn’t strongly indicate on whether this is a upcoming title or the actual demo of what the console is capable of doing.  From what we Know is that it will be Backward Compatible with Wii games, making them available in HD. That the Console will output 1080P Quality and that the Disc’s will be 25 Gigabytes big.

There are some specs of the console floating around the internet but whether these are 100% correct is unsure, however we do know that more details are yet to be announced.