So it’s been 5 days since the Playstation Network has been down from an attack, though no Sony spokesman has come forward and stated who were the attacks, and the famous anonymous group have denied any allegations that it was them who attack the PSN service. From what information has been spread around on the internet and even the talk amongst friends and folk who own a PS3 that the damage the Playstation Network Service was so severe that they had to rebuild it from scratch, reports stating that Admin Development accounts have been hacked and to anyone who holds debit or credit card details on their PSN accounts which people use to purchase downloadable content and DLC as well as the newly introduced Playstation Plus subscription service may be at risk.

With over 70 Million Playstation 3 users worldwide and nearly every account possibly assigned with a debit or credit card is a risk to everyone single one with personal information like payment methods. Sony have stated that they are basically rebuilding the PSN store from scratch, servers have been totally messed up aswell. Playstation made a few updates on their blog which they posted through their Facebook Official page and Twitter saying about the tiring and constant work towards getting the PSN Service back online.

As the amount of Playstation users comment on these interactive pages increases the frequent updates from Sony, stating at the moment no time frame has been set to when it will be back on but constant effort and hard work to get it back on is going ahead as we speak. 

As Sony have taken this specific chance to write and update some new security measures since the group anonymous took down the PSN service some time ago but reversed the attack. There will be no question that Sony will need to test this new feature they are putting in to protect from further intrusions. 

It’s now a moment of time untill Sony state who the attackers were if they ever do and for the PSN store to be rebuilt and brought online.  But for now all that can be done is to sit tight, comment.