It just isn’t a good start to easter for Sony, today Sony has had its Playstation Network feature come to a complete stand still, nearly 70 million users worldwide are not able to log into their Playstation network ID’s after firstly receiving an error connection problem when trying to sign in. Almost immediately users took to the Facebook and twitter page on the problem and only the internet browser is currently the only working source of internet for the PS3.

Also various game sources on the internet spoke out from two circulating rumours which are to state of the problem, the first was the Hackers group Anonymous. A group which joined over the wikileaks related attacks, also over george hotz an american hacker who unlocked games consoles closed operating system feature that Sony decided to demolish in a future update some time ago. Sony originally filled a lawsuit against 21-year-old george hotz stating that his hacking had allowed pirated games to be played on the Playstation 3.

However early this month the case was dropped after George hotz had agreed to sign an injunction that banned him from any similar behaviour in the future.

Second rumour was about Portal 2 and steam currently having the servers uploaded to the Playstation network, apparently this caused an error which took the whole Playstation network offline.

However few hours later Sony changed the Error Message to ”Playstation Network is Currently under maintanance” However comments on their Facebook page and twitter show Users unhappy with Sony not letting  its Users know after nearly 20 hours of it being offline. Some have asked why does it take so long for them to act or let the people know of the problem. At least now you can stop pulling apart you’re modem or wireless thinking it’s you’re broadband now!

Unfortunately a spokesperson hasn’t stepped forward for comment just yet. But Sony thanked users for patience but with a predictable warning over how long the network would be down for which has last well over 20 hours so far could continue for another day or two. Not a great start for easter weekend!

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