Some of you might remember back last year at E3 the rumours of the PSP2 being shown at the Sony Conference. Only Sony kept tight on information or any leaks from the internet or Technology journalists, now this february we finally officially have pictures, specs and video footage of the new PSP2 NGP (Next Generation Portable)  At the Tokyo Conference.
It is a fact to say this that we never thought so soon the day would come to see official pictures details and even footage of the PSP2. Also the biggest shock is that it is going to available in your hands this Holiday 2011. During the live conference they showed various working titles such as Killzone, Uncharted which really showed the high end graphic potential of PS3 graphic quality and many others. Also UMD has been completely ruled out now and Sony is now selling games on a  Flash Memory stick.
Also it’s pleasing to see the dual analogue sticks on the PSP2 and the smart motion sensing panel on the back of the PSP which when watching uncharted being played, lets you climb ropes and other various obstacles.  The PSP2 currently has a Quad – Core ARM Cortex – A9 Processor and a 5 Inch OLed touch screen.

It also boasts the 3G and Wi – Fi features aswell, meaning online gaming wherever you travel. Also the new Live Area suit with various features and social networking features.

Although there is still more time for Sony to make some final changes and adjustments to the PSP2 overall we are pretty excited on the release of this device and it’s power and packed new features it has to offer. For all of those who are just waiting to get hands on with the device will only have to wait till summer! However here is some video footage of the live conference showing what the PSP 2 NGP can do! Enjoy!