Set 3 years after the events happening on the Aegis VII and Ishimura. You take the control of a Mysterious Character called Vandal, sent on a secret mission deep inside the sprawls mining facilities. A voice encoder to disguise your voice no one will really know who you are, However you realise from the start that the protagonist you play is a newly devoted Unitologist set on a secret unitologist mission, of course it’s easy to see and presume that all could go wrong. With many twists throughout the game and a twist into the characters identity you can bet that this is an experience to never forget.

Dead Space Mobile, released on the 25th Of January 2011 on the same day of the US launch of Dead Space 2 game. Dead Space on mobile is available to download on the Apple application Store for just £3.99.

Having  just received the game today, we took a whole day to play through from the beginning till end. With the occasional breaks just to tease ourselves to come back for more.
So whats the game like? Is it just like the rest of the Dead Space franchise? Is it worth the time and money? We’d say absolutely, it is noticeable to see how heavily visual and graphical the game is for a Mobile Platform game, Sound is brilliant, the original soundtrack from Dead Space one fits well with the whole game and the usual necromorph monsters make their appearance again.

When we first downloaded Dead Space for the IPhone we were unsure how it was going to perform, what kind of story was going to be in it, and if we was ever going to find out who the main protagonist is who we play throughout the chapters of the game. You first start off with an introduction intro, showing the sprawl and a few voice overs chatting. We were deeply taken back out how Highly graphical and the use of visuals that were going on in the intro film. Seeing the Sprawl for the first time was mind-blowing, and this was on a Mobile device. Also we couldn’t help but realise the old Twinkle Twinkle little star song in the background.

You start off on a small tutorial excercise with a character called Tyler, that will chatter to you over the intercom about going to certain close by sections to sabotage power boxes with various tools that you’ll find. In both ways, it’s to help you get used to the controls on the IPhone and familiarize yourself with the tools available in the game. He will tell you that your codename is Vandal and that your identity must be kept secret, and that the voice encoder will hide your real voice, well it worked for us.

After about an hour or so. We fell in even further in the game. With our headphones on the shock factor was still there. Like in the Console and PC Dead Space 1 this will still make you jump, and even more with the lights off. We had many encounters with Necromorph babies, pregnant necromorphs. When being attacked by the necromorphs a sliding arrow with text will tell you that you can either stomp, slash, and cut the necromorphs if you should be in a situation without no ammo, or closed in against a wall.

The Health bar seems to restore its self, and the Kinesis Module will refill it’s self after a few seconds of one use. These slight changes make it more easier and bearable to play in awkward situations, specially as it’s a touch phone there might have been a problem loading up a menu to top your health bar and kinesis bar at the same time.

When coming to controlling the character and using the all the features in the game, we got used to how it works fairly quickly. At the start of the game it shows you how to walk and turn, and turn back and forwards. Left hand to walk forwards or run and back, the right hand to turn the character.

When coming to firing a weapon was somewhat easy, but tapping near in the middle while aiming your laser sights at a necromorph was fairly easy occasionally, depending on what weapon you use, but it was fairly easy with the bigger weapons from time to time. This impressed us and put aside the worries of the frustration we thought we would have trying to aim and kill off the foes. When switching to the Secondary fire mode on some of the weapons easy enough. By sharply tilting your Phone to the left side will switch your weapon to its alternative firing mode.

However it’s easy to forget to keep the phone completely still when shooting at a Necromorph, as we discovered when we was in a lock down in one room full of necromorphs, in frustration to kill them the phone was tilting both ways at the fast tapping we was doing to shoot at them. You’ll realise this when you notice your weapon firing out something more powerful or longer to reload from.

We were taken away by the layout and textures of the games area, you’re not just confined to one small hallways or space, you also venture down to the Mines and various other areas of the sprawl. With also the occasional hallucinations which impressed us by far the most and even shocked us, especially when you’re in a room and a character of your resemblance mirroring every step and movement you make starts walking towards you when you do.

You also hallucinate in what seems to be a sand desert place, with a door and foot blood steps walking towards with a desk with a hologram saying activate, and not to forget the Marker in the background in front of you.

The voice acting throughout the game is as brilliant as one fan would expect from playing the rest of the franchise, the story line develops more and more in each chapter. But we don’t want to spoil any details of what it’s completely all about.

In the game you use some familiar guns that you would have used throughout Dead Space 1. With the exception of maybe a couple that are newly introduced. Plasma Cutter, and Line gun. You’ll find that you may use the line gun more for this Game platform then maybe then the others.

Also the weapon upgrading system makes a large appearance in the game. With different areas with a Power node box on the walls, you’ll find upgrading your weapons will improve your chances of a smoother kill instantly , that’s depending how many power nodes you have or used on the specific weapon.

Also the Store makes a comeback throughout the game, being able to purchase those much-needed ammo needs and various other bits you need. You can also purchase extra DLC if you find that you have run out of in-game credits, or cheat yourself throughout the game, you also have the choice to upgrade your rig suit, with slightly better protection just like in Dead Space 1.

Overall, the game is breathtakingly beautiful as we expected, the controls and gameplay are just what Visceral Games are best at, but seeing this through a mobile platform will impress you even more. We’d also like to clear up the major doubts about what some fellow

fans have been saying about the Specification needed to run this game.

We tested this game on a IPhone 3G 16GB, with the small occasional lag and restarts, it still worked and looked as perfect as it was made. The developers from Iron Monkey Studios based out in Australia have made a outstanding job on squeezing such a heavily visualised and graphically story gripping game into a Downloadable and playable App for the IPhone. The game was designed to optimize to the settings of any IPod touch, IPhone generation to play on. However we would say, if you have a 3GS or IPhone 4 you’d not suffer from lag or freezing from time to time. But what do you expect from such a fulfilled game such as this.

Overall we rate this game 9/10, Brilliant sound, Excellent Storyline, The Visuals and Storyline are off the limits, and the gameplay is truly remarkable. If you fee this wasn’t enough of a review, we’re sorry but we don’t want to spoil inside game plot details, but we have some special footage of at least 5 minutes of gameplay to show you. Enjoy!