Dead Space CodeName: Vandal (Still Yet to be confirmed) With his engineering suit that resembles Isaac’s Suit from the First Dead Space now is in the hot boots blasting the plasma cutter.  With the Release date confirmed to be January 25th the same date as the US Release of Dead Space 2 there is even more information to be said here about this game.

First of all, a lot of people were wondering that due to the information released and hands on with the IOS Game that it will only be able to run on the IPhone 4 and IPad. We can confirm that it will run on all Apple devices of any generation, thanks to EA clarifying that and the trick of it being able to adapt graphically to any IPhone Generation or IPod Touch.

 From what we know the time setting is based just after the events of the USG Ishimura and before the events of Dead Space 2 take it’s main due course. Yes the protagonist you play is called Vandal, however a full Biography and how the player became entangled with the first stages of the outbreak is yet still unknown till the release of the Game App.

We can also share that there will be 5 hours of gameplay, which will consist of 6 levels. There is a lot in store for Vandal, maybe he’ll see how Isaac felt on the Ishimura. Whether the two Characters will somehow meet later on in the game or Dead Space 2 is completely unknown.

For those who are eager to get hands on with the game application, will be available on the ITunes Store on January 25th

Here is a teasing taster of some of the gameplay and it’s features being played on the Iphone. Enjoy it guys!!!