We are whole again Isaac, We are Whole………. Titan Moon station, called the Sprawl, 3 Years after the events of the Ishimura. Isaac Clarke will face a new test, a new nightmare.  As Visceral Games (Electronic Arts) Prepare for their eagerly anticipated Sequel “Dead Space 2”  Based Upon the Spraw, a titan station based upon Saturn’s ring, and set 3 years after the events of the Ishimura and Aegis VII.  Isaac Clarke faces New Enemies, The Necromorph outbreak, The Government, and Nicole Brennan, Isaac’s Ex Girlfriend who committed suicide aboard the ishimura when the effects of the Marker onboard began taking effect of the crew.

Visceral Games who are a bunch of very talented crew of game developers made their debut back in 2008 of the successful launch of Dead Space 1 . While showing a unique but loving approach towards fans and their clear love of inspired movies that are clearly shown in the game.  With the Release of a full animated Prequel Movie and Prequel Game called Extraction for the Wii Games console which set the graphics on a high for the system and yet again an outstanding storyline and characters included into the game yet again by Visceral Games back in later 2009.



Isaac Clarke has come to some changes in the last three years, He now suffers with Severe form of dementia, the effects from the marker and hallucinations of his girlfriend Nicole, who haunts him where ever he goes around the sprawl, with potential of even trying to kill him. Yeah, that’s deep stuff that’s in stock for Isaac.  While battling with dementia and being pursued by the government it is yet to be revealed and seen of what lies ahead for Isaac.

While playing the Demo till the early hours of the morning after it’s debut release on the PSN/XBA Store for US/Europe 21ST/22ND You start off from what looks like a frozen chamber for the Deceased, when travelling through the different sections of the chamber you see Isaac’s first hallucinations of dead people screaming their rotted bodies eagerly trying to get at isaac, necromorphs jumping out of the smashing glass.

Throughout the chamber isaac goes across some Zero Gravity areas, this would be the first time that Isaac (For the Demo) would Speak.  Without Spoiling to much at the moment of the demo untill we upload the video Preview of the demo that’s all we can say for now. Isaac’s attitude towards the Necromorphs and in person has changed, yet he still is scared but has toughened in a more agressive way. A New rig, new plasma cutter. Watch this Space to see Isaac in the Start of His new Nightmare.