Dead Space has finally turned its nightmare towards the Handheld area, but not as we know it. Not on PSP or DS but on the IPhone, ITouch and IPad.

Dead Space (Visceral Games) announced earlier today by their official fan page with 4 screenshots and a short information description on the up and coming Dead Space game App for the IOS. Although not available till next month there isn’t much to say on gameplay aspects or footage.  But soon we’ll be giving it the full run down for you.

From what has been announced about the Game is that it bridges in between Dead Space 1 and Dead Space 2, with a short mention of details about the protagonist his name is Vandal.  Whether this is set right before the events start with Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2 or whether the two have a connection, there is yet again no information other than the name, screenshots and location.

From the screenshots, it is clear to see the talent of the Dead Space shining through with the visuals and texture graphics of the locations and surroundings.  These images however were taken from a IPhone 4G/IPad/ITouch latest Generation, with no word on whether previous IPod and IPhone generations will be compatible to run the app is yet unknown.

But for now enjoy these Screenshots courtesy of Visceral Games. What a year it’s going to be for the Dead Space Franchise.