It is not 100% clear what the final design and total outcome of the PSP2 will look and run like. However rumours around the internet have been pretty heavy ever since the Original PSP launched back in 2004. It was rumoured to be announced at the E3 Show this year at Sony‘s Press Conference but no mention of anything PSP2 related was shown. However Sony did spend a good while showing various clips and presentations of the PSP GO and it’s games and features.

Theres not a lot of concrete information to say whether it will officially support various features, it is however rumoured to have two analogue joysticks, a touch screen which some sources said it does officially have a rumoured touch screen. No doubt it would be in HD i imagine.  Sony have kept a very tight lip about the PSP2 and any of its production stages. Whether it would still openly function like the sliding PSP go or look like the original PSP.

Neither has anything been said whether any Material of prototype games have been tested by any developers of yet either. It is expected to fall sometime in 2011. Untill then all the information to go on is that mentioned above.  Let’s just hope that it meets to our expectations and hopefully will see the next generation graphics of Portable gaming. The PSP is rumoured to slightly bigger than the other PSP’s made. No doubt due to the touch screen, this could lead people to think that with the current devices out now such as tablets and IPads, these devices like Tablets which have always been around for years but haven’t had the mainstream push will no doubt join in with the competitive fight against the portable market next year. Another feature that would be very useful to the new awaited device is 3G or 4G support. With Previous PSP Portable systems only being able to surf the internet or play online in WI-FI Spots this could be a highlighted main feature for the PSP2.

But for now Rumoured Sources are the only thing to go on untill Sony release official specs and photos of the design of compatibility of the device.

Image Above taken from Source on Internet. Fan Made Photo.