Dead Space (Visceral Games) Who recently done a Video Cast answering some of the fans questions on the Dead Space fan page had one person’s question ask whether there was going to be a Dead Space Demo for christmas? When Steve Papoutsis (Executive Producer) went on to answer the question he kept a tight lip and said to keep an eye out in the next few coming days to see  if there was going to be one.

However on December the 8th it was announced on the Official Dead Space Facebook page and their website that a demo would be released for Xbox 360 Worldwide on the 12/21 PS3 in the north america zone on the 12/21 and PS3 in the EU on the 12/22.  What a gift from such an amazing Team working hard on the 2011 anticipated sequel to Dead Space 1 (Dead Space 2) Clearly fans will be locked away for hours if not days repeating the demo’s single player, just the fix fans need till the release date of the game in the U.S 25th of January 2011 and 28th of January 2011 in the E.U.

No doubt the developers will see the Dead Space Facebook page clogged with comments from fans relating towards the demo and footage of it all onto YouTube. It’s already clear for visceral and the fans of the genre it’s going to be one hell of a start to 2011.

I can’t wait!