If you haven’t suffered from the long downloading patch, then your about to. Yes Blizzard are setting up for the new Expansion called Cataclysm, some players have expressed the sudden shaking like volcano’s the last week or two when playing Wow. Of course this was due to the developers readying everything for the Cataclysm makeover. After only waiting half hour or so for the final patch tonight to download. When logging into my Undead rogue i instantly didn’t recognise where i was? Of course this was due to everything being revamped. When i mean revamped, there are now buildings and wooden hut houses where there wasn’t before. Weird looking trolls pulling two-wheeled barrows behind them, infested bears and hardly any signs of some of the old creatures before the last major patches. Strange to hear but i quite like it. For Wow needed a new makeover for sometime. Well must get back to getting up to level 30. Even if it takes all night!