That’s right, the Original Game Designer of the N64 Version of Goldeneye with Pierce Brosnan (Also In Film) Has Spoke out with disgust and truthful remarks as it seems on to Activisions real intentions and reason of the Remake. Don’t forget this isn’t the first time someones used the Goldeneye name or pinched the Idea. Goldeneye Rogue Agent used the name but instead had nothing to relate towards the Original, Neither does the Wii Remake have much resemblance either.

Here’s the following of the Designers comments.

Martin Hollis, the designer of the original GoldenEye game, has spoken out about Activision’s decision to revive the Bond classic for Wii, saying he finds it hard to imagine the company wanting to do justice to Rare’s N64 game.

In an exclusive interview that will appear in the new issue of Official Nintendo Magazine which goes on sale on Monday, the former Rare employee argued that Activision’s decision to revive GoldenEye for Wii is motivated by profits rather than passion.

Hollis was talking to ONM about the making of GoldenEye 64 but when asked what his feelings were towards Activision’s forthcoming remake, he said “I imagine it is a business decision isn’t it? This name is valuable, let’s use it. I find it hard to picture Activision’s top management being excited about the original and wanting to do it justice. In fact, I find it hard to imagine them being excited about any game. It’s my perception that they are trying to be EA, only more so. I think they are doing a fine job at that.”


While i agree with the comments made about Activisions motives behind the remake of Goldeneye i disagree with them being like EA. As many gamers know EA have released  some brilliant titles over the years, Including likes of Dead Space, Burnout Paradise and many more titles. This is simply the result of old classics being remade for money purposes. Even if this is denied. The Goldeneye game for the Wii doesn’t show any likeness towards the original, plus due to the fact that Pierce Brosnan (Bond in the actual game and Goldeneye film) has been cut out and replaced.

But as some might say about Microsoft which comments and posts have been made about them killing off most classic Projects at Rare, which was the company responsible for the making of Goldeneye and Perfect Dark on the Nintendo 64 back in 1997-2000.  With a supposedly Perfect Dark two they were to have said to have killed off the project for Perfect Dark two. However earlier this year a Remake in HD of Perfect Dark Became Available on XBLA that does follow the Original with online multiplayer and a few small changes.