The anticipated Sequel to the 2008 Game of the year Fallout 3.

Welcome to New Vegas where your journey will end and then begin. Yes confusing it sounds but pretty straight forward to understand why and how.  New vegas is set in a post – apocalyptic type retro futuristic Las Vegas, after following a war between US and china, along with other countrys too, a nuclear war that happend on October 22 – October 23, 2077.

Fallout fans who have followed the fallout series from fallout 1 and 2 will see some parts of another story from the two previous games in fallout vegas, however fallout 3 has not relation towards these stories or events. Fallout New Vegas takes place in 2281, which is four years after the events of fallout 3 and some 39 years after fallout 2. 

You Start off as a courier, with the introduction of a  short cinematic scene you can see that you are a courier who is supposed to deliver a package to New Vegas, unfortunately the couriers journey comes to a hault when you are assaulted by the Great Khans and benny.  A character that will have you chasing after him across the wasteland.  Benny and the Great Khans stand in front of you. While holding a Poker chip in his hand. He tells you that this is going to be your last delivery kid. He then pulls out a gun towards the courier, you can briefly see the Khans digging the grave and all blacks out.

Soon after you awake in a house with a old man sitting next you, called Doctor mitchell who tells you that he saved your life. He begins doing various inblok medical tests with you. After the medical test, you then make your way towards the Vito-o-Matic Vigor machine, this is where you customize your characters strength, Perception, Endurance,Charisma, Intelligence, agility and luck. You use the left and right triggers to cycle through different traits and add and subtract points to them.  After that the Doctor gives you a Pip-Boy 3000 which is the same Pip boy back in fallout 3. He will give you various other items along with it. He’ll then tell you to go visit a character called sunny who lives at the saloon who can teach you how to survive out in the wilderness.

Once you step outside you immediatley see the difference from the old washed out Washington DC of fallout 3. Blue clear skys, singing and flying birds and more civilisation. A clear upshift of colour and scenery seen before in fallout 3.

The main piece of this setting is the New Vegas Strip. Distorted and dark with drunks, prostitutes Robot police and the occasional weirdo’s that try and attack you from time to time, not forgetting those who try to make a run for the New Vegas strip gate only to be shot down for trying.  The same can happen to you if you try to attempt going near the gate, unfortunately it’s locked. There are various fully playable casino’s in New Vegas  however to gain entry to the New Vegas Strip its self you either need loads of caps within limits of 2,000 or a pass which you can get from the kings before the main gate of the vegas strip.

When it comes down to the story there are no hints this time or obvious clues like there was in fallout 3. Fallout players are expected to be used to the fallout world and your abilitys and focus as you attempt to unwrap the leading events that lead up to your near death experience.

When you go exploring into the wasteland you discover that the wasteland is divided into differnent named groups, for example the New California Republic which have various camps set around the wasteland won’t approach to attack you (Depending on your karma and what actions you’ve taken towards them or others)  They will usually ask you to help out on certain tasks that will sometimes involve you talking to another group which maybe rivals towards the NCR’S if completed or ignored and you decide to help  the other group, your reputation will increase with the group you work with and will show a message saying whether your liked by the tribe. Also you’ll get the occasional Rebal groups who will spot you and try to attack you of course which leaves you no choice but to kill them off.  

When being asked what it’s like and is it any better in terms with Fallout 3 is hard to explain. With terms of the main central plot in New vegas it’s easier to stray off into other side quests. Seeming as there is no history knowledge on the character you play unlike fallout 3 where you were told that you was a unborn baby in a vault. Soon to grow up and find out one day your dad has escaped the vault resulting you on following his footsteps.  But it’s easy to go off into the side quests and off the main central plot without worrying too much or even caring about what had happend to you as there is alot of fun side quests that can be found elsewhere.

Fallout New Vegas doesn’t seperate it’s self to be called Fallout 4. Along with critics who think or even have said would be correct. You can see from playing the game or viewing it that there has been some various changes as well as new features added. An example of a change is the noticible aiming mode. When you aim with your gun it comes to the center of the screen looking down through the aimer at the end of the gun. Where in fallout 3 it would only zoom in but not actually focus the aim with the gun. Also the way that stimpaks and other various food that is used to cure aid is done differently. When using stimpaks it covers less of the health bar but still fixes you up from crimpled limbs. When eating anything else to gain health the bottom right health bar slowly refills depending on the amount of food you’ve eaten and what it was.

However more of these changes don’t shake the near enough identicial gameplay experience to fallout 3. But it’s easily to forget at most times.

Fallout fans who remember playing fallout 3 and suffered with bug issues such as temporary freezing and crashes, as well as the odd lag here and there will not be completely relieved from this. When playing the game for the first 2 or 3 hours there was a spot of freezing for only a second. However after this i did have to result in switching my PS3 off completely to resolve the crash problems, this would happen inbetween 1 or 2 hours of gameplay or maybe 3. Of course fallout players of fallout 3 will remember a way around the bug problems by regulary saving to prevent loosing game progress before or after quests or throughout the game. Trust me it really helps to regulary save.  It all comes back to how large the wasteland is in the game, which is the same reason for fallout 3 that reminds you of putting up with the temporary crash or freezing set backs now and then because of the size of it.

The map of New Vegas is the same similiar size of Fallout 3’s. But this time the map feels it has more to offer in terms of side quests and places to visit. You will never fail to find somewhere to spend atleast half hour to an hour on something like a challenge or side quest.

Having only had the game for a few weeks it’s alot of fun just going around exploring the wastland. Players don’t feel that they have to complete the main role before going off exploring other opportunitys the wasteland had to offer, or other quests and places that had something to offer.  The amount of  full days and whole weekends exploring the place and finding buildings full of little goodies such as ammunition and other great gear is very fullfilling in this game.

Players will find that there is alot more perks to be unlocked throughout the game. Also you will some familiar creatures as well as enemies through the game as well as some weapons with a slightly changed firing sound.  The level Cap in the game is 30 where as in fallout 3 it was 20 unless you bought the Game of the Year edition with extra DLC that raises the cap level to 30 and also continuing the story in fallout 3. However from the first hour or so of playing the game, you can see that alot has been crammed into this game to keep the player busy away from the main plot. Where as in fallout 3 the main story would be done in a matter of hours with some players even coming across shortcuts towards different chapters of the game meaning that you could complete the game without following it 100%  unlike the way you’d normally do.

In terms of Graphics there are noticeable improvements as well as the Voice acting too. There is also another twist with the new Tribe by Tribe reputation system. Leaving the player to make choices between rival groups. Unfortunately for players who want to be able to unlock all of the companions as well as dialogue and the missions. However of course you’ll soon learn from this and playing throughout the game that you’ll see more reasons to starting the game again once you completed the game. The same thing as fallout 3 which depends on what actions and choices you make throughout the game that effects the ending.


In fallout New Vegas players will soon learn that using Vats throughout most of the combat situations will not have to result or wait for your AP bar to fill up again when running around from the enemy. With the new improved combat system you’ll find that shooting will be more useful to you. Specialy as the Iron sight has been improved to appear in the middle when aiming unlike in fallout 3 where it just zoomed in the picture. But you’ll find that you have the option to use VATS or both to your advantage depending on how you want to take down an enemy.


To round off Fallout New Vegas and to players that haven’t yet entered the depths of the fallout Series that maybe not yet convinced on it is a hard one. While you’ll find still that exploring the wasteland and various other little challenges can be adventoures and will burn a few hours of gameplay away. For people that are looking for a more shoot and kill thrill and gore will not be majorly satisified. Fallout Vegas as well as Fallout 3 remain on the same level between balance of killing and exploring, especially on quests.

So is fallout New Vegas worth the attention it’s been spreading, i’d say so. To those who have played previous Fallout titles will see some relation to the previous titles and to those who’ve just joined will soon soak into Fallouts cheesy sarcastic Dialogue from characters and exploration and Quest challenges ahead. Just make sure you don’t spend to much time spending caps in the casino. It is definately worth the excitement it’s been recieving throughout the promotion ads on TV and shops and bus shelters. As for me i’ve been eager to get back into the New Vegas wasteland and see what else lurks around undiscovered, as one thing you’ll notice with New Vegas, there is always something to find on your travels. Pick up a copy and join in with the search, you won’t be able to put it back down again.

Reviewed on a PS3